G.R. 179 Maquis route (Berga- Castellnou de B.)

The name refers to the maquis republican combatants who continue to fight against Franco’s regime once the Spanish Civil War in 1939. During the 1940s, the regions of central and northern Catalonia lived intense activity these armed groups. GR-179, known as the Route of the Maquis, crosses paths frequented by some of the most legendary resistance fighters like Ramon Vila, Caracremada or Marcelino Massana Panxo. The trail begins at the sanctuary of Queralt outskirts of Berga, and ends at Manresa, a distance of 61 km, parallel to the river Llobregat • parallel but at a distance. The landscape of the area has a mountainous relief and is carpeted with thick forests.

Queralt Sanctuary is the starting point of the GR 179. It is strategically located in a natural appeal, raised in the Sierra de Queralt and exceptional views of the plain of central Catalonia. From here you can review the path that lies ahead. In addition, the sanctuary of Queralt be linked with the GR 107, the Route of the Cathars, who also starts here.

From this point, the trail down to the town of Berga by the traditional route that connects these two points. Berga is the capital of the region and birthplace of Marcel • lí Massana, alias Panxo. The guerrillas staged numerous actions Berguedà and Solsona and the Vallès, and led a small group of faithful men until 1950, when he decided to abandon the armed struggle.

The trail continues south all the time. In these early stages, crosses the plain surrounding the city to the small town of Berga Graugés. Here, the GR 179 joins the GR 1; very close there is little curious Graugés pond. The road back to take a clear upward trend when the terrain is more rugged, the Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Three Heirs. Above the top of the ridge Three Heirs, there is a deposit of iberoromà first century. C.

The southern side of this elevation leads directly to the village Casserres. There must follow a paved path leaves the village towards the southwest and climbs gradually to reach the neck Ralic at the crest of the ridge of Aleppo. This area is defined as any other route around rugged gullies and ravines filled with thick vegetation and quite humid forests.

So, after crossing the stream Merola, GR-179 arrives at the Church of San Juan de Montdarn, where you can connect with the GR 176, known as the Route of the Romanesque churches. The path continues decided to head south to the coast of Vilanova and near the top of Montbordó. It follows a stretch of the BV-4235 and take the turnoff to the village of Serrateix.

A very small road straight through fields and woods to the sight of the neighboring village of Castelladral. From there, another road course to the west across the creek to the place of Sant Cugat Sant Cugat del Rincón, where there is one of the churches linked by GR 176.

GR 179 continues south passing sawing Muga back to find the course of the stream of Sant Cugat. This stream leads to Viladepost Santa Margarita Puig, located at the foot of the BP-4313 between Suria and Balsareny. At this point comes the variant GR 179-1, which heads south across the forest Argençola slightly further west than the original trail, which follows a more direct way to Castellnou.

Again streams, forests and hills make the ground uneven and difficult. These were the bumpers where he spent the last few days one of the most legendary resistance fighters, Ramon Vila, also known as Caracremada or Peusllargs. He alone took woodworm forces of the Civil Guard for years. In fact, his is the story of the last maqui which remained active Confronts Franco, very well until he died in 1963 in an ambush of the Guardia Civil in Castellnou. The cemetery of this town now hosts a memorial on the figure of this fighter.

From Castellnou, the rest of the way is clear descent. Residential estates and forests are witnessing the early stages, while gaining crops with the passage of kilometers. The trail passes through the town of Santpedor, hometown of the drummer Heather, another legendary figure who acquired fame for his performance during the Peninsular War (nineteenth century).

Santpedor is the gateway to the Pla de Bages, a large flat Manresa as a center. Reached the capital of Bages north side, crossing the Needle Park and the famous path of the wheel. There, the GR-179 can connect with the GR 3. The trail currently ends at Manresa.


GPS coordinates X: 2.1745518082688, Y: 41.3794565492911

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